FYS specializes in renting mobile display conveyor systems and building custom display conveyors for events, trade shows, and corporate/personal gatherings. From concept consultation to setup and delivery, we are with you every step of the way to put your affair in motion!

What is a Conveyor Belt?

Ever been to a revolving sushi restaurant where dishes move throughout a restaurant on a belt? The concept is the same, except our systems are mobile, customizable, and safe for both food (NSF/UL Cert) and products.

Display conveyors consist of food-safe chain links that nest on top of a sleek metal frame. A small motor that only requires a household 120V outlet powers the display conveyor!

Our Products

Our rental conveyor systems are a perfect addition to any events, personal or corporate gatherings. On an operational level, it can streamline the flow of food to your guests and allow your event staff to focus on providing an exceptional event experience. Including a conveyor system in your event adds a fun and interactive element for your guests.

Rental-ready conveyor systems come in four shapes. Choose from U shape, L shape, I shape, and Zigzag. Several size options are available for L shape and I shape to fit your event rental needs.

Don’t see a rental conveyor system that fits your needs? Contact us to learn more about our custom-built conveyor options.

Panels and LED Lights

Counter Top with Table Skirt


Note: Customizations are at additional costs.

Custom Decals

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A selection of our favorite events with conveyor rentals and custom builds.

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